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Diseases of the Spine and Yoga Therapy

Cervical spine disease is a new gift of today's lifestyle.Rushing world, constant travel for work, travel due to distant schools and colleges.You get these diseases due to many reasons such as continuous sitting on computer due to occupation.


  • Lack of exercise

  • Not sitting properly while working

  • The habit of sitting forward

  • Not keeping the back straight while walking

  • Constantly watching TV with the neck raised, excessive use of mobile phones

  • Longer commutes, cycling

  • Improper weight bearing causes anemia

  • Bad eating habits. E.g. Eating non-nutritious food like pizza, vadapav, chinese all the time

  • Lack of massaging the body and sunbathing


There is wear and tear of the structure in the neck and lumbar bones. This mainly involves the wear and tear of the mattress between the two spines.

A gap in the spine

Slipping of the mattress in the spine

Numbness, tingling, numbness in hands and feet, vertigo

Back pain, lumbar pain and spine diseases, sciatica diseases do not only occur in old age. A wrong lifestyle can lead to these diseases even at a young age. These diseases are very common in India. Neck pain is mainly a disease of the vertebrae in the neck. This disease is caused by wear and tear of the spine and compression of its cartilage, formation of fine bone clots, friction and damage to the inner nerves and outgoing nerves.


The main defect is degeneration of the vertebrae. The greater the wear and tear on the vertebrae, the more severe the symptoms.


Neck pain, neck stiffness, neck pain, neck pain at the base of the skull.

Pain in the lower back (pain at the level of the spine on both sides of the spine)

Pain in shoulder area.

Headache - starting at the back and spreading to the top of the head.

Pressure on the nerves causes the following symptoms: quadriceps, shoulders, front of the pelvis, wrists, thumbs, etc. There is pain in the area. All these parts are related to the nerves coming from the cervical spine. The muscles in this area become weaker. This is because the nerves are pressed and rubbed by the bone-clots. For some people, when the neck is bent forward, the lightning flashes up to the hand.

Ants come in this area. It feels like a prick.

Cartilage pressing on nerve causes specific symptoms. Weakness is felt in arms and legs, strength decreases. Urinary, anal control is reduced. Of course, this disease is more common now.

Pressure on a blood vessel near the spine causes some symptoms. It is mainly characterized by dizziness (loss of blood to the brain). Dizziness is temporary or persistent.

Another cause of dizziness is the constant tension of the muscles and membranes around the neck.

Vertebrae have four distinct benches: Neck anteriorly (cervical spine), back posteriorly (thoracic spine), waist anteriorly and spine posteriorly are called bacala lumbar. Since the spinal cord passes through the vertebrae and the nerves pass laterally, if the spinal cord is damaged, the spinal cord and nerves are affected and 'back pain/back pain/spinal diseases start.

Symptoms of diseases of the spine

Osteoporosis or weakening of the spine due to calcium deficiency,

Tingling in the hands and feet, tremors, numbness of the limbs, numbness in them,

Lower back pain, trouble waking up in the morning,

Difficulty turning on the pillow, or a creaking sound from the spine when turning, pain in the spine when turning, difficulty in walking or inability to walk, headache from the back of the waist to the soles of the feet, inability to sit for a long time, loss of strength in the claws, loss of tactile sensation in the feet,

Inability to defecate, dizziness, loss of urinary control due to unbearable pressure on the nerves, some scary effects can also be seen on occasion.

Regimen to be followed in case of spinal disease

  • Eggplant, potato, gram dal, peas, cowpea, wal, very spicy foods should be avoided.

  • Avoid strenuous activities, do not lift heavy objects.

  • Avoid excessive motorcycle travel.

  • Do not sleep on a soft mattress.

  • Sour foods, curd, tamarind and fermented foods of acid juice eg. Stop idli, dhokla, pav, dosa.

  • Diet:- Cold, sour foods, chickpeas, rajma, peas and urad dal are off


Effective yoga therapy

  • Through the practice of yoga for the last twenty years, many camps have been organized from time to time through yoga therapy. Most of the patients have benefited from this experience online

Yoga treatment camp for neck, back, waist, sciatica, knee pain relief is being organized.

Dated 31 July to 12 August 2023.

Timings :- 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM, 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM

Camp fee ₹ 500/- only

Name registration required

Contact:- 9960800920


Google Pay, Phone Pay Number

876 646 1702

Note :- Name should be registered first on the above contact number, give the details of your illness and pay after approval.

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